A message from the new XWASTED owners

Founded in Australia in 2020, XWASTED has been providing ethically made T-Shirts & Hoodies from 100% recycled material that would have otherwise become landfill or ocean waste. XWASTED has donated profits and products to charities, including Sea Shepeard, whose mission is to conserve and protect ocean wildlife and habitats.

At the end of 2022, the XWASTED brand moved to the UK under the new ownership of the Bath-based Wife and Husband team, Georgia and Andy Edwards. We remain committed to creating high-quality products using eco-friendly materials and processes. From sourcing and production to packaging and distribution, we strive to minimise our environmental impact.

Through our products and actions, we aim to educate about the importance of sustainability in fashion and empower people to make choices that support a healthier planet and a more equitable society. Every small step we take together can make a big difference to our future.

Our first action was to launch the XWASTED forest to support rainforest restoration campaigns. With every product purchased, we provide planting partners with the funding to plant up to 22 trees. We have also supported projects to reduce emissions, such as capturing methane to generate energy in India and rainforest preservation in Brazil.

Fast fashion is the world's second-largest polluter and is estimated to contribute 25% of the world's carbon emissions by 2050. It's our responsibility to act now. We are excited to embark on the next chapter of XWASTED's journey, and we hope others will join us in proving that fashion shouldn't cost the earth.


Georgia and Andy Edwards