10 Ways to Make Your Wardrobe More Sustainable

1. Shop Secondhand for a More Sustainable Wardrobe

Secondhand clothing is a smart choice for reducing demand for new clothes and extending the lifespan of garments. Thrift stores, online marketplaces, and your family are great places to find gently used items.

2. Invest in Quality for a Long-Lasting Wardrobe

High-quality clothes are more sustainable because they last longer. Here at XWASTED, we are proud to offer T-shirts and Hoodies made from recycled materials, which are both eco-friendly and durable.

3. Care for Your Clothes to Keep Them Looking New

Proper care, like washing and storing clothes correctly, can extend their lifespan.

4. Shop Ethical and Sustainable Brands

Choose brands that prioritise sustainability and ethical labour practices. Here at XWASTED, we are committed to using eco-friendly materials and processes to create stylish, sustainable clothing. For more information, checkout our garment store.

5. Consider the Whole Product Lifecycle

Think about the environmental impact of a garment, from raw materials to production and disposal. Buy fewer high-quality items you'll wear for a long time instead of cheap, low-quality pieces.

6. Donate or Sell Your Old Clothes

Donate or sell your used clothing instead of throwing it away. You'll reduce waste, support charitable causes, and even make some extra cash. Hooray!

7. Wash Clothes Less Often to Reduce Environmental Impact

Washing clothes less often can extend their lifespan and reduce energy and water usage.

8. Use Natural Detergents and Softeners

Avoid harmful chemicals and instead opt for using natural detergents and softeners made from plant-based oils, enzymes, and natural fragrances.

9. Recycle Your Clothes to Reduce Waste

Wow, can you believe it? Every year, a tremendous amount of clothing ends up in the trash in the UK. But here's the good news! We can do our part by recycling our clothes when they're past their prime. There are local organisations waiting to give them a second life. Let's do our best to keep clothes out of the waste bin!

10. Join the Circular Fashion Movement with us

Come on board and be part of the revolution! XWASTED is all about promoting a sustainable and circular fashion movement. And you can be a part of it too! When you're ready to say goodbye to your XWASTED clothes, instead of throwing them away, why not return them to the cycle of life? Head to our Next Life page to learn more about how you can make a difference. Let's create a greener future together!